Q: How do I play now?

A: Look for the "play now" button anywhere on the website and it will immediately launch our bingo webpage. On your first visit to 32Red Bingo you will have to register before playing. Load the bingo software, buy some tickets (click on the "banking" button) and you'll be playing in no time.

Q: Do I have to download your bingo software?

A: There's no need to download with 32Red Bingo! Our software is flash based, meaning there is no download - it simply loads within your internet browser (e.g. Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and more). This also means a much reduced security or virus risk because nothing is saved on to your computer. Smart, eh?

Q: What is Bingo Bonus Money (BBZ)?

A: Bingo Bonus Money (BBZ) is 32Red's way of saying thanks for playing and participating. You can get your hands on some by joining 32Red Bingo, depositing funds with us or winning chat games. You cannot, however, withdraw this money.

Q: How do I get cash from my bank into 32Red Bingo?

A: No problem. Register with 32Red Bingo and play - this will launch our bingo software from within your internet browser. From there click on "Banking". You will then see a range of ways of putting money into your account. However, you will be expected to answer some questions for your security. See our bingo banking page for more details.

Q : What is the minimum deposit?

A: The minimum deposit is £10. The maximum, should you ever want to play a lot of bingo, and we mean a lot, is £2,000.

Q: Will I be able to play straight after depositing?

A: Usually we're able to credit your account within 5 to 10 minutes, so you'll be able to get down to some serious bingo pretty quickly. If it takes longer than this then contact our support team.

Q: Are my winnings taxable?

A: We're off shore in Gibraltar and have no obligation to inform any governmental agency of winnings. However, you may personally be legally required to do so. Please check your national/ federal laws.

Q: How much money do I win?

A: The prize is calculated as a percentage of the total value of the tickets sold for a given game. Progressive jackpots (referred to commonly as PJP) work differently and represent a percentage of the total value of the tickets sold during progressive games only. However, the lowest a progressive jackpot can be is £250.

Q: Do bingo games always have a winner?

A: They most certainly do, and it could be you. Good luck!!

Q: I've won big time and I want to withdraw some or all of my money!!

A: Simply click on the "Banking" button from within the software and then "withdraw". You will then be guided through payment methods. Pick your preferred option and we'll send you your hard earned winnings. Oh, and congratulations on behalf of 32Red Bingo!

Q: I've been playing for some time, what's the balance on my account??

A: Your balance is displayed in the bottom right of the bingo software. Alternatively, you can check your 32Red Bingo credit balance by logging in and seeing your balance on the homepage.

Q: What happens if two or more people win at the same time?

A: The pot is divided between all of the winners and we have lots happy bingo players! Note: we accept only one winning ticket per player though.

Q: This is pretty fundamental: how do I call, "Bingo" in an online game?!

A: The answer is easy; the computer will do it for you and it's a 100% reliable!

Q: How long does a game last?

A: For as long as it takes for someone to win. Don't worry though; there are games every 3 minutes. So even if one runs on for a while you won't miss out for long.

Q: I don't want people to know who I am. How secure is my identity?

A: We suggest that your alias has meaning but will not personally identify you outside of 32Red Bingo. Be creative and think of a fun name and people will remember your bingo persona from your chat and play. However, please note you only get to choose your alias once.

Q: I've forgotten my password, what is it again?

A: Simply use the Password Reset Tool or contact our bingo support team at support@32redbingo.com and we'll be happy to forward your password to you.

Q: How old do I have to be to play?

A: A Player must be over 18 years of age to play.

Q: What is your "auto-daub" technology all about?

A: This clever bit of software will automatically mark off the numbers on your tickets as they're called. Freeing you to chat with your friends or to watch your favourite soap - never worry about missing a game again!

Q: What is a chat game?

A: 32Red Bingo not only offers you top bingo action and award winning casino games but also the chance to compete and win in our chat games. Keep an eye on the bingo host chat to see what game is in play and, depending on the game, answer or complete the game to win bingo bonus money!

Q: Your bingo software isn't working properly, how do I fix it?!

A: Try closing the browser and logging back in. If this doesn't fix the problem then please contact our player support team.

Q: Okay, so what happens if I lose my Internet connection after buying tickets?

A: Our bingo software will recognise this and play the round for you, so you won't miss out on any winnings.

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