Bingo chat games

Love chatting online? Why not earn a little more Bingo Bonus Money (BBz) with 32Red Bingo's chat games! Yes, that''s right - chat and win with 32Red!

We have loads of different chat games to play and a range of different bonus money to win. Look below for more details on our bingo chat games and see how you could get involved in the chatting action:

Sing-along Bingo:

Our bingo host will type of the first line of a song and the first player to get the tune gets some bingo cash. How easy it that?!


The Bingo host will write a bunch of mixed up characters on the screen. Look carefully, rearrange the letters to make a word and you could receive some BBZ! They can be a little tough sometimes, but don't worry; the host will offer clues until the answer jumps out at you.


If you're lucky enough to be placed immediately above or below the last bingo game winner in the chatroom, then shouting (digitally, naturally), "nabours" will bag you a bingo cash prize.

Upstairs Neighbours:

If a player wins bingo, and you're above the winner in the list, then calling "upstairs" will result in you receiving a bingo chat game prize.

Twist It:

Let's twist again, and bag yourself some bingo bonus! The host will select a twist number and when it or its twisted version (e.g. 12 /21 or 32/23) is called, shouting "BINGO" on the chat box before anyone else will mean you're a winner.

Double Trouble:

How can bingo chat games and money be trouble, I hear you ask. Well it's not! Simply wait until you hear the first double number called in a game (i.e. 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66) and then enter the word "DOUBLE" and the ball number into the dialogue box (e.g. for B22 enter, "DOUBLE22) to win.


Bumpers allows a bingo winner to digitally shove neighbours up and down and away, rewarding the players next to the nabors with bingo bonus money!


Players get to chose two numbers that total 21 (i.e. blackjack) and must submit them to the Bingo Host before the start of the bingo game. When those numbers are called the first player to type "BLACKJACK" in the dialogue box is a blackjack winner. If you fancy playing real blackjack then check out our online casino games within the bingo software.

Chat Host's Choice:

Keep an eye on the Host's game choice. If you don't know what bingo chat game is going to be played then you can't win.

Triple Boat:

For the observant bingo player, triple boat will mean easy money! The Host will announce three numbers with the same ending number (e.g. 12, 22, 32), the first player to note that these numbers have been called and type "TRIPLE" into the chat box will win.

Odds and Evens:

The first called number determines whether the game is an ODD or EVEN game. A player that wins bingo on an ODD or EVEN number in a corresponding ODD or EVEN game will have to enter; you guessed it, "ODD" or "EVEN" respectively to win.


The intellectuals are on to a winner with the trivia chat game. The Bingo Host will put a trivia question to the players and the first one to type the correct answer is the winner. Better start brushing up on your general knowledge...

Pyjama Party:

Wear you're pyjamas but don't fall asleep! Keep alert and if you have the same first letter in your name as the most recent bingo winner simply type, "PJ PARTY" to win.

Duck Hunt:

When you hear the number 22 called - "two little ducks" - simply type "DUCK" into the chat box faster than anybody else and you'll be the winner of the duck hunt.

So, as you can see, there are many bingo chat games for you to play, enjoy and win at 32Red Bingo. If you need any more information regarding our top bingo chat games then contact our player support team with your chat game query.

Please note: To be eligible to play bingo chat games you must buy at least 4 tickets per game. Also, only depositing players without duplicate accounts are entitled to play bingo chat games.

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